We need government that is receptive to new technological advances. We need to elect those who are safe and prudent. But we most send to Washington those who will help the human race take advantage of new technologies that will improve our lives.

When Elizabeth Dole took over leadership of the Red Cross in 1991, the organization was badly in need of revamping. It was under attack from critics who questioned the safety of the blood supply in the age of AIDS, and was struggling to reassure a frightened public.

Elizabeth Dole has not said anything specific regarding global warming or the Kyoto Protocol. However, she supports government promotion of ethanol as an alternative fuel. She also supports paying farmers to stop farming environmentally sensitive lands

About Palisade Systems, Inc. Palisade Systems, Inc. helps organizations manage and protect both internal and Internet-based networks. The company leverages exclusive rights to a patented core technology developed by company founder and Iowa State University professor Dr. Doug Jacobson, which facilitates the monitoring and blocking of network connections with superior performance, reliability, and stealth.

The company's first product, the ScreenDoor Internet Management Appliance, was first introduced in 1997 and has since been installed in hundreds of businesses, libraries, schools, and colleges across the country.

Mrs. Dole promised to rebuild the military and develop defensive missile systems that can be used to protect the nation or in battle areas. She would end the United States' adherence to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which she said is outdated and invalid.