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Issues 2000

Many would not read about this subject with a great deal of interest. There are roughly 22 million people living on 80% of the land in this country, in rural areas. Only 2% of them actually do all the farming. The others in these areas, I guess are dependent upon that small minority. Helping rural America receive access to technology is indeed a laudatory goal. If the jungles of South America can gain immeasurably from lots of wireless technology, certainly so can the American people living in rural areas. I have heard that the government will provide free internet access in North Carolina in 2002. I donít know the details.

Another important point under this heading is the promise of creating an agency to foment the production and use of ethanol, a form of what is knows as biomass fuels. The Shell web site says that in the future, as soon as 30 years from now, our energy will be mostly solar. Sixty percent of our energy will come from the sun. And the remaining 40% will come from biomass fuels like ethanol. Petroleum is expected to be unavailable by then. Due to new technologies, solar will be the most efficient and naturally the cheapest and easiest to use. Solar energy cells made of new materials will gather more than enough energy to supply everyone. For instance a material added to whatever is used to pave streets, could make the entire street into solar energy cells. We certainly wonít have to worry about getting enough hot water.

And I guess you are confused reading about the environmentally sensitive cropland... Werenít they champions of these type of things? ...You know, the environment, and all of that? I guess they couldnít get to that either...