Civil Rights II
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Issues 2000

We think that there is an urgent need to reinstitute teaching in the schools in general. Teaching the children would be a great thing. We do not see why a silent moment of prayer is something bregrudged to children, who are not old enough to be in the “rat race”; and to children who spend all day in motion right in their own schools. I had the experience recently to teach at a local grammar school, and was appalled to see how much time the children spend moving about. One looses the ability to remember who should go where. There are so many activities, so much enrichment, so many distractions... How is it possible for the kids to settle down and actually learn something, when they’re always in constant motion?

Certainly we need to teach our children the three Rs better, much better, and we need to teach them values, principles, getting along with each other in nicer ways, not based on wrongdoing. I often had 7, 8 children, simultaneously offering “to take names”. All the little voices clamoring to rat on each other... How odd! And so people mature and go to work, and continue to carry on, in similar fashion, only cooperating when there’s a dollar to be made in some shady fashion. These behaviors that the children learn in school are ever more important to the survival of the human race, not only because of the usual... armed conflict, (including germ warfare and who knows what else that we haven’t been told about), but because new advanced technologies can rescue the planet from barely existing. This new technology promises a release from limited resources. Finally, the whole planet, the whole human race could have enough of everything. Every nation could live like a developed nation. Maybe nicer young people could help that come about faster.