Arms II
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Issues 2000

This issue must have cost Dole a few votes. I received a few e-mails about Dole’s intentions to take away their guns. Most of Dole’s remarks about guns are quite run of the mill. Disapproves of AK-47s; approves of recreational guns; disapproves of amor piercing bullets; child safety locks are favored; believes in the second amendment and a person’s right to bear arms; disapproves of concealed weapons, because it makes police work that much more difficult. And there is something to be said for this thought. If you have been employed in law enforcement, this comment makes more sense. If you are an administrator thinking of how to make the systems that preserve the fabric of society, more efficient, this thought would certainly come to mind. You have many reasons to think that a lot of the people employed in law enforcement are not doing their jobs as efficiently as they could. You know that the average citizen does not receive the protection he or she should. And naturally you can’t help but think that without this threat to them, they would be more efficient. She indicated that instant background checks would be desirable. This is something that many gun buyers would prefer, to the current system where they have to wait a week for the sheriff’s permit, or whatever. She would make every system more efficient I would like to infer. There would be computers networked, so one could get faster service. Government would come up to this century to provide services, as well as for other things.