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Even though immigration has grown geometrically since the 80ís, for  what was a number of 800,000 before then, became 8 million plus since then. Some estimates put the number of Hispanics along, who would like to move to the US at about 31 million. The Census Bureau Web Site has quite a bit of information regarding the last census. Only 7% of the Hispanics have attained college degrees. Two thirds have not completed high school. Many live below the poverty line. Better than 50% of first generation Mexican Americans exhibit some type of mental or emotional disorder, a university out west revealed in a recent study.

Mrs. Dole along with many other people, supports proposition 187, to deny the children of illegal aliens services like attending public schools. This is a measure that is not only sensible, but also practical. As Mrs. Dole said, it is hypocritical to admit to school all those children who are here illegally. The children generally speaking, perform poorly and misbehave, causing our already overloaded school system to deteriorate even more. This is the reason why the State of Florida, a point of entry, can no longer adhere to the national standards for public schools. The governor of the state said it was impossible and created a set of standards for the state along. Florida also suffers from a great malady known as bilingual education. A preference of the minority members themselves, since it is a source of employment for them.

It was not always so, but recently the public has come to accept the truth regarding bilingual education. In recent polls, as many a 70% of those polled support an intensive two year immersion program. The long term bilingual programs only serve as sifts in which the poorer, troubled children remain caught without mainstreaming. Newer students are also influenced negatively through contact with these elements. It is curious that while the number of arrests along the border is down, the number of technical and professional visas granted was curtailed to one third their number by the current administration. It is true that it was a goal of the Clinton administration to increase the number of technical/professional visas grated, since they were deemed necessary.

We think that Mrs. Doleís support of 187 is fine. We love her remarks to the effect that she would more than double the Border Patrol agents along the Mexican border. We agree with her that military aid to Colombia should be cut off until the government of Colombia forces the rebels out. Oh, this doesnít make sense, people think. What is she saying. Thatís what the money is for, to get them out. Well is not that simple. Itís slightly more complex. The money inures the Colombians, our military and some of our own corporations. Mrs. Dole was our civilian in the picture. Though she has the distinction of being the only woman ever to head a body of the armed forces in this country, The Coast Guard, Mrs. Dole is still mostly a civilian. Their war games in Colombia, are just that. The war on drugs will never be won this way.

The reality is that reading her remarks about the subject, one can almost imagine that she is somewhat hysterical about drugs, or that there can be a drug free America, as there was once upon a time. The reality is that the famous drug culture does permeate our society in a most insidious manner. The drug culture, people like Mrs. Dole talk about is not the colorful tie died tops teens wear, nor the dark shades their boyfriends use to hide their highs from their parents. Itís got to do with much more basic things. Itís got to do with mind control, for the purpose of enslaving their subjects. Itís got to do with peopleís health. The reality is that drugs abrogate our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And contrary to popular myth, the wealth these elements bring is illusive. It is said that each of these new immigrants costs the US $55,200 each. Money that we are paid for processing, or uhum, helping them? Well that may be so, but the money comes from somewhere, mostly our pockets. Our cousin or wife or brother, may get a salary from some agency that helps them. But the money to pay for their salaries came from the rest of us. Weíll be paying higher taxes, and higher prices and getting less for our money.

Mrs. Dole was sensitive enough to note that her remarks were not meant to insult every immigrant. The two topics are not really the same. But I canít help but think that they are too closely knit.