Foreign Policy II
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The United States has a responsibilitliy to lead in the post-Cold War world. In fact the United States has no choice, but to be heavily involved in that role. Why? All of these citizens of these nations with the “fragile markets” and developing economies, will entertain the idea of moving to the United States. I read recently that when the question was posed, the estimate arrived at was a total of about 400 million people, give or take, who responded in a positive manner. This estimate includes people from all over the world, no just underdeveloped nations. This country can’t afford it. This country cannot expect to survive massive immigration waves.

I think we ought to start thinking and planning for the future. Nanotechnology is a growing reality. Every country in the world will have enough of everything. Every nation will be like a developed nation. There will be no reason for anymore mass exodus. Everyone will have what they want at home. Many people are not aware of the promise of nanotechnology, or think of it as a remote possibility in the distant future. There’s a very good reason for that. All of the knowledge necessary to create with nanotechnology, has been available for some time, more than 40 years. Every scientist has known all about it. The first pattent for anything created with nanotechnology was purchased by GE, a number of years ago. In the past two years, two major obstacles were removed. More powerful microscopes were created, allowing work in the nano scale and the arms, or tools that permit the combination of the particles in the desirable manner accurately. This of course makes the already multi-billion dollar industry appear to be closer to the change over period.

I think we ought to try for a new spirit of cooperation and mutual respect so we can usher in this new technology. Every country should make an effort to address its rogues and dissidents, to ensure the safety of most of the people. Every country should re-examine its policies towards these discontented people and try to give as many as possible fair treatment.