Elizabeth Dole on Budget & Economy

Farm economy needs more exports Dole touted a 10-point farm program that would cut taxes, boost exports, and help producers. “The next president must stabilize the farm economy by exercising leadership to expand domestic markets and increasing exports,” she said. Source: Boston Sunday Globe p. A-22 Jun 13, 1999

Re-appoint Greenspan to avoid inflation & unemployment We have been fortunate that the powerful engine of private enterprise has continued to grow our economy. The election of a Republican Congress in 1994 was also critical to keeping the pressure on for economic reform.We must never go back to the inflation unemployment see-saw of the 1970s. American leadership ought to be sending clear signals about its commitment to a strong, stable financial system. That’s why as President I would reappoint Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Source: Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club, 29 April 1999 Apr 29, 1999

Private enterprise created prosperity, not Clinton/Gore [In the 1980s], Reagan’s determination to free up the power of the U.S. economy led to a remarkable expansion that has continued, almost uninterrupted, to this day. President Clinton and Vice President Gore often take credit for economic good news during their term in office. But if you want to see the people most responsible for our economic health, it is private enterprise and investment that has driven today’s prosperity. Source: Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club, 29 April 1999 Apr 29, 1999