Elizabeth Dole on Drugs

Double the Mexican border patrol to keep drugs out With the US-Mexico border as her backdrop, Dole today vowed to double the number of Border Patrol agents, not as a way to fight illegal immigration, but to block the flow of drugs from Latin America. She called for 20,000 agents instead of the current 9,000, and said, “Clinton/Gore continues to nickel-and-dime this agency and has not asked for a single new agent.” But a spokesman for the Border Patrol said it had hired more agents and updated equipment since 1994 under Operation Gateway. Source: New York Times, p. A25 Oct 8, 1999

End aid to Colombia until they wipe out narco-guerillas Dole called the rebels who control a swatch of Columbia “narco-terrorists” and “narco-guerillas.” She said she would cut off all military aid to Colombia until the government there forced the rebels to evacuate the area. “We will fight along the border,” Dole said. “We will fight on the streets; we will fight in our neighborhoods; and we will fight in our schools.” Though Congress has called on the Colombian government to reclaim the rebel-held area, it is hardly clear the Colombian army could do so. Source: New York Times, p. A25 Oct 8, 1999

Decertify countries who do not combat drugs I will meet with all foreign leaders and encourage them to join us in the crusade for a drug-free America, but, if all else fails, I will decertify - in other words cut off aid to - countries that do not vigorously combat the drugs that are destroying our communities and killing our young people. I will utilize all the law enforcement, military and diplomatic tools available to eradicate the production of drugs in foreign nations and choke off the flow of poison through neighboring countries. Source: Associated Press, speech excerpts Oct 7, 1999

Use all branches of the military in Drug War I will make every effort to encourage clergy, parents, teachers and communities to join us in the crusade for a drug-free America. In addition to increasing funds, I will task all branches of the military to fully engage in the war on drugs on land, at sea, and in the air. Those drug traffickers unfortunate enough to make it to the American border will have to contend with the most advanced, well-trained, and efficient border enforcement this nation has ever seen. Source: Associated Press, speech excerpts Oct 7, 1999

Aggressive public education campaign that drugs aren’t cool Our teens are trying drugs because they think drugs are cool and because they don’t understand the dangers. To combat this troubling trend, we need an aggressive public education campaign to teach children that drugs aren’t cool and that people who do drugs aren’t cool. That means using the bully pulpit to send the message day after day that drugs aren’t cool, they kill. Source: Associated Press, speech excerpts Oct 7, 1999

Would “lead a crusade” against illegal drugs Promised to “lead a crusade” against illegal drugs if elected president. Dole said, although polls show the issue of illegal drug use is “not very high on people’s priority list,” as president, she would push a campaign “that’s comprehensive and fully funded where drugs are concerned. With leadership and the use of that bully pulpit, I think we can have a crusade across this country to remove and rid America of illegal drugs that are poisoning our children today,” Dole said. Source: Martha Bellisle, Associated Press Aug 22, 1999

Reducing supply isn’t enough-we must blunt demand No culture that allows the cancer of drugs to eat away at the freedom and the future of its young people will long endure. Let us resolve tonight that we will face the gritty and expensive reality of taking back our streets and blunting the suicidal demand for drugs. Let us admit that it is not enough to urge foreign countries to reduce the supply of illicit drugs flowing into our neighborhoods. Let’s be honest with ourselves and our neighbors. There wouldn’t be a supply if there wasn’t a demand. Source: Jul 2, 1999

Passion for a drug-free America The head of the DEA recently said, “The nation has neither the will nor the resources to win the drug war.” People tell me the polls show that drug abuse is not a priority issue. I believe we should make it one. My passion doesn’t come from polling. I have a vision of an America free of drugs. [We must] support the hundreds of local anti-drug coalitions. And, yes, we must strengthen our interdiction efforts to stop illegal drugs before they reach our borders. Source: Exploratory Cmte Announcement Speech, 3/10/99 Mar 10, 1999

Applauds community-based fight against drug epidemic We must choose to return safety to our streets and moral seriousness to our war on drugs. Drug use among our youth is up 141% among teenagers in recent years. I know, Senator Grassley, that you’ve put together an anti-drug coalition, called Face It Together (FIT), which seeks to bring people together in a community-based approach to fight this epidemic; parents, students, businesses, our religious leaders, law enforcement, and the media. And I applaud you efforts. Source: Speech at Iowa State University, 2/15/99 Feb 15, 1999

Reduce demand for this “personal and national evil” It’s not enough to urge foreign countries to reduce the supply of illicit drugs. There wouldn’t be a supply if there wasn’t a demand. The adults of America.must speak out again and again about this one simple fact: drugs are not cool, they kill. They destroy families and neighborhoods and lives. At this moment when the number of Americans behind bars - most on drug-related charges - has never been greater, we must make absolutely clear that drugs are a personal and national evil that threatens us all Source: Manchester Chamber of Commerce, NH, Feb. 8, 1999 Feb 8, 1999

In favor of random drug testing. In favor of random drug testing. Source: 12/31/98 Dec 31, 1998