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Issues 2000

In her speech at Merbourne High she spoke at some length regarding the trouble in our schools. It seems that there is partial agreement with her husband who said that if the school system were a patient, it would have died. Mrs. Dole blames the trouble on a great deal of regulation from far off entities that do not have a good idea of local conditions. This can easily be spiced for the ever fearful minorities. What she means is that you poor people now get nothing, when the schools don’t have to adhere to the national standards your children will get nothing. Well this is not true. In may cases rigid national practices cause deficiencies in many areas, more than prevent them. There is an excellent paragraph in her speech which addresses many or our problems. The obsession with that holy grail Full Employment, is very much a factor here. “Our children will learn again when we resolve to put kids and parents first, and the system, second. Most important, the minds of our children will soar when freedom and accountability guide our decisions, “and results rather than process become the coin of the realm in American education.” More specifically, our approach is not working Per-pupil spending has more than doubled and pupil-teacher ratios have shrunk, but we have achieved no real gains in test scores and our international educational rankings have plunged into the cellar of the industrial world.”

Principals and teachers should have the authority to discipline disruptive students or move them to an alternative school setting. Such students must not be allowed to monopolize the teacher's time and prevent their classmates from learning. And to protect the entire school community and make sure that troubled students get the help they need, we should ensure that students' disciplinary records follow them to every school they attend. And here the immersion program would also be more convenient. While the children are in the bilingual program, they have some classes with the mainstream. It is there they cause tremendous disruption. Precluding other children from learning day after day. With the immersion program, the children will be by themselves. If when they are mainstreamed after the two years, they cannot fit in without causing disruption, then they should be put in other classrooms for those children that are evidently not able to learn as much, or as well. Our own children would not be dragged down.

On the subject of school choice, I have to take issue with Mrs. Dole’s confidence in the parents. Imagine for her to think that the parents will have zero tolerance for incompetence. Unfortunately the recent word from the trenches is that many parents do not even want the involvement. Unfortunately the future of the American child is often dependent upon the professional’s effort.  However, assessing the tests results can definitely help determine which schools should have fewer students.