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Issues 2000

Elizabeth Dole’s methods to control the child abuse caused by Internet pornography is a good plan I think. She proposed to protect the children using voluntary filtering devices. Adults would be free to patronize the now almost ubiquitous web sites. She did make it clear that the taxpayer should not be subsidizing these type of artwork in the public libraries. She thought the sites should be filtered out of the library. It is true that these sites seem to be attacking the public on the Internet. All of the sudden, browser windows open, and this artwork tumbles out. I would like to have the ability to sue these people that have managed to make this kind of subject matter spill out of every mainstream engine. Looking in Excite, in Yahoo, in Northern Lights, these things come at you. Can the engines be sued? Can these people shoving this stuff than our throats be sued? I had formal training as an artist and enjoy looking at the human form as much as anyone else, but some of these pics are positively crude. Well she is not a repression freak, I guess we can say. Voluntary filters is hardly the stuff to be terribly concerned about. y