Elizabeth Dole on Families & Children

Protect Children from Sexual Material on the Internet In today’s world where the Internet and chat rooms have become second nature to second graders, parents need help. When a child visits a library they should not be able to pull up pornographic information on the web. It simply should not be an option. It’s comforting for parents and teachers to know that children can surf the web without running into pornographic waters. That’s the way it should be. The technology exists for filters to be installed on computers to block easy access to pornography. Source: (x-ref to Technology) www.edole2000.org/ “Campaign News” Jul 26, 1999

Littleton due to lack of school discipline, not TV [Regarding] the terrible events in Littleton: We must return discipline to the schools and give schools the authority to remove troubled students from the classroom so they can get the help they need. There’s also been a lot of discussion about the bad effects of popular culture - especially the violence in video games, movies and TV. Stopping the violence . the cruelty and vulgar ideas . is not a reason for government censorship. It is a responsibility for society [and] the corporate world. Source: Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club, 29 April 1999 Apr 29, 1999

Supported raising the drinking age to 21 As Secretary of Transportation, I did not shy away from Washington’s traditional responsibility to advocate, and, where absolutely necessary, regulate. So we successfully pressed legislation raising the drinking age to 21, working with grassroots heroes like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Source: Manchester Chamber of Commerce, NH, Feb. 8, 1999 Feb 8, 1999