Elizabeth Dole on Crime

Double funding for bullet proof vests for local police Bulletproof vests save lives. They work. In the last 15 years, more than 2,300 officers were saved by bulletproof vests. Every law enforcement official protecting our neighborhoods should have one. Unfortunately, because of the cost of a vest-almost $500 a piece- many officers still do not have bulletproof vests. This must change! Congress has appropriated $25 million this year - If Congress doubles the available funds, we can reach twice as many officers currently serving us unprotected. Source: “Campaign News” Jul 10, 1999

Elizabeth Dole on Health Care

Allow self-employed to deduct health costs Dole proposes an immediate 100% tax deduction for the amount of money farmers and other self-employed individuals are allowed to deduct for their health insurance premiums. Corporations are permitted to deduct 100% of the health insurance premiums they pay for their employees. This change would help family farmers receive health insurance and it will put family farmers on a level playing field with corporate farmers. Source: (x-ref to Tax Reform) “Campaign News” Jun 12, 1999

 Dole on Immigration Elizabeth

Supports CA Prop 187 barring illegal aliens from schools Dole said that she supports a controversial measure to deny public services-except for emergency medical care-to illegal immigrants. Dole agrees with the most charged aspect of the California Proposition 187: the move to bar children of illegal aliens from public schools unless they were born in the US. Because illegal immigration is “a situation where the law is being broken, it sends the wrong signal” to provide benefits, Dole said after the meeting. “The proposition is one I would agree with.” Source: (Cross-ref Education) The Washington Post Oct 15, 1999

Elizabeth Dole on Social Security

“Catch-up” IRA contributions, faster vesting, & portability “The tax code penalizes women who leave the workforce to raise families and it’s tough on young people who frequently change jobs.” Dole’s solutions: Additional Catch-up Contributions: individuals 50 and older can add $5000 to their employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRA contributions. Faster Vesting: three years rather five years under current law. Portability: workers who change jobs can roll over retirement savings between different types of pension plans. Source: Press Release on Retirement Security Aug 12, 1999