Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.

The Red Cross

When We Were Young: The Lives of Children During World War II by Elizabeth Dole is a collection of remembrances of what it was like to be a child during World War II. We are looking for recollections from children (now adults) from around the world. When We Were Young: The Lives of Children During World War II will be published by William Morrow and Company.

A Message From The Chairman and the President

The message states that the Red Cross touched the lives of one in six Americans during 1987, and summarizes the organizations many efforts during the past year. It includes true stories; mentions the major hurricanes, Bertha, Fran, and Hortense, which chastised 5 states and Puerto Rico. The organization also mitigated effects of flooding in the West; tornadoes and floods in the Midwest; and the worst flooding ever in the upper Northwest. The Red Cross increased its national disaster team members from 3,000 in 1992, to over 19,800.

The message also includes a list of supporters who made very successful fund raising possible throughout the year. New programs include the modernization of systems to provide communications for personnel during wartime; and "changing to a single state-of-the-art financial system that will keep us at the vanguard of responsible stewardship."

The report also laments the loss of 23 delegates from various Red Cross societies killed while working and enumerates the organizations' efforts to achieve a global ban of land mines. As you know, land mines are the cause of death of approximately 26,000 annually in 70 countries. The International and American Red Cross have played a leading role in emphasizing the need for a ban, as well as, assisting the victims and survivors.

And perhaps, the most important task of the Red Cross is the provision of Blood Services, which they have been doing for 50 years. Currently, they provide roughly half of the services needed nationally, to 3000 hospitals. Unfortunately, only 5% of eligible Americans donate blood and Mrs. Dole can then be seen making pleas over the various media. In this area, the improvements have been considerable since Elizabeth Dole became president in 1991.

Click on flag to read more about accomplishments in blood services improvements.


Elizabeth Dole  on the Successful transformation of the national Red Cross through a seven-year $286 million effort.

"We have learned from our friends in the for-profit sector that those organizations that welcome change will prosper, and those that do not will vanish..." Dole said.  "Our challenge is to be the pacesetter for the nonprofit community while continuing to reap the profits of good management on behalf of our clients."

One result is a decrease of 70% in mentions by the FDA.

American Red Cross Site Directory

Comprehensive one page look

Elizabeth Dole departing for Bosnia

"They may be tens of thousands of miles away in a dangerous land, but they are saving lives every day..."

Disaster Aid Web Site

IBM, The American Red Cross, and CNN team to launch disaster aid site.

Highlights of the 50th Anniversary - American Red Cross Services

Highlights of the 50th Anniversary - American Red Cross Services  On April 30, American Red Cross President Elizabeth Dole hosted a celebrity-filled event in Washington, D.C., to kick off the 50th anniversary celebration of American Red Cross Blood Services

Dole to Attend Diana Tribute

Remarks by Elizabeth Dole


"Diana, Princess of Wales, was a friend and champion to all humanity especially to those in greatest need, often forgotten by  others.The Princess brought the power of her presence, her compassion and her position to some of the most important humanitarian issues of our time, saving countless lives and bringing comfort to countless others. Her work to bring about a global ban on land mines did more to galvanize the world opinion on this issue than any other single individual.

Her death is mourned by an entire world. We at the American Red Cross share the grief of the British people in the loss of a national and global
treasure. We will miss her special touch and the love that she so effectively expressed through action. I have asked that Red Cross flags in front of Red
Cross buildings be lowered to half-mast in her memory.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her sons, William and Harry, on the loss of their mother and to the families of those who were also killed and injured."

Dole condemns tragedy

Ten volunteer first aid workers of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of Zaire were killed yesterday in Kenge. Posted on 09-May-97.

Red Cross President Comforts tornado Victims

Posted on Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:49:00 GMT Visibly moved several times throughout the afternoon, Mrs. Dole promised residents the Red Cross would "be here through to the end" of the recovery process.  Although Mrs. Dole's tour followed a visit from President Bill Clinton, she was well-received and peppered with questions by residents eager to get their lives back to normal.

President's Summit

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies International Committee of the Red Cross CNN The Presidents' Summit for America's Future The Presidents' Summit for America's Future will take place Sunday, April 27 through Tuesday.

Visit the Red Cross Awarded Site

Contribute online!


(Clinton News Netwk.)

Southeast Tornadoes leave "massive cleanup ahead.

FEMA - Images of Grand Forks Flooding

Grand Forks, North Dakota Spring 1997 Please note: The following pictures are 'thumbnails' of the actual photos. American Red Cross President Elizabeth Dole talks with reporters after "floating" through the streets of Grand Forks, ND on U.S. Coast..


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Guide Star

Many links of interest to non-profits.

National Charities Information Bureau 

Charities rankings based on financial statements analysis and other factors.

Lancaster County Chapter Red Cross

Musical chapter of the Red Cross with a page for the president.

ROXANNE ROBERTS          WASHINGTON POST STAFF WRITER Monday, February 2, 1998 ; Page B01                    

The best thing about the 41st International Red Cross Ball here wasn't  the extravagant ball gowns, the diamond tiaras or even the red carpet and procession of 12 ambassadors down from Washington. The best thing was the pink gel filters in the ballroom spotlights, which took 10 years off every woman in the room.


Red Cross Powerhouse

Some of Osceola County's neediest victims of Monday's deadly twisters got a personal visit from the head of the Red Cross Wednesday.

Red Cross President gets first hand glimpse of tornadoes'  "war zone"  Elizabeth Dole, wearing a bright red jacket and black dress boots, toured Ponderosa RV    Park and the once-sparkling community of Lakeside Estates. `This is the worse tornado in Florida history,'' Dole declared. ``It's like a war zone.''

The Cost of Disaster

The Red Cross reports that Hurricane Georges was the agency's most expensive disaster. Oct. 16.

This is not one glass ceiling Elizabeth Dole broke, for the first president of the Red Cross, when originally founded was a woman, Clara Barton. Mrs. Dole is in this case, only the second woman president. In order for her to also brake this glass ceiling, she needs to become the first woman president elsewhere (click here for the presidential links. Relax... this has nothing to do with Bill Clinton.) Elizabeth Dole needs your support to smash this glass ceiling.

  • $286 million project to transform the Red Cross blood operations into a state of the art system that would effortlessly incorporate evolving medical advances and new technology, as they evolve. Transformation was 80% completed when Mrs. Dole absented herself to campaign for Bob Dole.
  • Creation of the world's largest information database. Establishment of an unsurpassed quality assurance system.
  • Replacement of 53 aging and semi-independent regional labs with nine cutting-edge national testing laboratories that are unquestionably the best in the world.
  • Replacement of 28 different computer systems with a single next generation computer linking all Red Cross blood operations.
  • The founding of the Charles Drew Biomedical Institute, a technology-based education and training center that will deliver the latest in techniques and tools to Red Cross personnel.
  • Multimillion-dollar Disaster Services revitalization effort, which included the opening of a National Disaster Operations Center, to monitor ongoing and impending threats and mobilize relieve efforts.
  • We also quadrupled to sixteen thousand the number of those trained to handle national catastrophic disasters, and placed communication equipment.
  • Although when Elizabeth Dole joined the Red Cross there was a $30 million shortage, by the time she went on leave there was a $100 million surplus.
  • $20 million reduction at the national level.
  • 93 cents out of every dollar is spent on programs and services.
  • The American Red Cross received the highest possible rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy, The National Charities Information Bureau, the Council of Better Business Bureaus' Philanthropic Advisory Service and others.