Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.”  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.

Good Looking

"Type of woman I might date? 4.Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Dole, Julia Roberts Can or should I add your name?", says his site?

Look it! Drawings of Elizabeth by various artists!

An Evening With Elizabeth Dole

Steel Magnolia - Tough, polished and always in control, Elizabeth Dole has risen to become one of the nation's most powerful and visible women... Granted this is not a flatering line, but the rest of the article is very positive in many ways. Click on it. You may have missed it during the campaign.

Another page yet, archived by a national paper, reads like this:  Elizabeth Hanford Dole, the most powerful woman on the Reagan White Housestaff, looks at first glance like the perfect model for a Southern belle. Dressed in an expensive-looking black suit that is at once feminine and businesslike, the strikingly beautiful Mrs. Dole greets her visitor with a ready smile and a soft North Carolina accent. She seems more like the gracious wife of a politician (and she is), than the person picked as Assistant to the President for Public Liaison.

By Julia Malone, Staff correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, Washington

FIRST, FASHION Long before Elizabeth Hanford Dole was Secretary of Transportation, before she threw herself onto the American Red Cross, she was a Southern Junior League type from a prominent Salisbury, N.C., family.
In case you donīt know, that means there is never a moment when, Liddy, doesnīt know what to wear or how to arrange her copper-cast coiffure. Published on   9/03/96.

Among the many links that I perused to make this web site about Elizabeth Dole, I found  the one above.??? I guess that is one of the reasons that the fashion magazines have had articles about Elizabeth before, during and after Bob Dole's 96 Presidential Campaign, as well as indications of popularity like the Gallup poll which named her as one of the 10 most admired women  in the world. That is what I intend to present on this particular page but haven't had sufficient time to explore magazine archives in this regard.