Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.”  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.

Working For The Man

Dole to Set Presidential Committee By David S. Broder Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, March 5, 1999; Page A20 The USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll taken last month and reported in yesterday's editions of the newspaper said Dole matched Bush with an 88 percent favorable rating among Republicans and led him, 75 percent to 69 percent, in favorability among all voters.

"Not only is Elizabeth Dole a viable candidate for president," DiVall said yesterday, "but there is clearly a historic opportunity here to draw women into the party." Despite suggestions that Dole's realistic target is the vice presidency, DiVall said, "Her goal is the presidency. No one on her team is looking at settling for No. 2."

Dole explains first, formal step to 2000 presidential run in 15-minute TV ad Copyright © 1999 Nando Media Copyright © 1999 Associated Press DES MOINES, Iowa (March 10, 1999 2:00 a.m. EST - Elizabeth Dole, initiating a first, formal step toward a possible run for president, says it's high time that the nation's leaders restore voters' faith in their government - to "call America to her better nature."

"I'm not a politician and, frankly, today that may be a plus," Dole said in her television ad, which was to air in Iowa and New Hampshire. Aides said the ad would flesh out the themes of a Dole campaign. "Politics and the politics of governing have become so negative, so paralyzed by special interests, that as a people we're beginning to lose faith in our own institutions," she said. Her opening pitch took a not-too-subtle poke at President Clinton."If I run, this will be why: I believe our people are looking for leaders who will call America to her better nature," Dole said. "Yes, we've been let down, and by people we should have been able to look up to.

Dole wows fans at Regis By Kristen Go Denver Post Staff Writer Feb. 19 - Elizabeth Dole kept mum about her presidential plans Thursday night at Regis University in Denver. But her speech in front of a packed room sure did sound presidential. She attacked government regulation, public education, a lack of social values, welfare and drugs, and offered hope for the future.

Dole Touts Integrity Visits Key State, Tests Presidential Themes Elizabeth Dole is working to position herself as a viable candidate for president. By Dana Hill M A N C H E S T E R, N.H., Feb. 9 — On the verge of becoming the most competitive woman ever to seek the presidency, Elizabeth Dole on Monday night delivered a politically charged call for "integrity" in the White House.

A GOP Woman for President? Elizabeth Dole Tests Themes and Level of Support By Linda Feldmann The Christian Science Monitor - "Given her record, some Republicans might view her as a liberal," says Jack Pitney, a political analyst at Claremont McKenna College in California, who has worked for the national GOP. When Dole worked in the Reagan White House, she supported equal pay for equal work of "comparable worth," a concept that conservatives believe would give federal regulators the ability to determine "proper pay" for every job, Mr. Pitney says. "That idea is anathema to supporters of limited government."

On the flip side, for the general election, she could have broad appeal, because she's not viewed as a captive of the religious right. "She's pretty well positioned to straddle the factions in the Republican Party," says James Shoch, an assistant professor of government at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.

See slides and pictures from the rally at ABC Story from Feb. 2.

JANUARY 23, 17:54 EST Dole's home town says, `Run, Liddy, Run' By DENNIS PATTERSON Associated Press Writer SALISBURY, N.C. (AP)  Elizabeth Dole's home town sent her a message Saturday it's time for a woman to become president, and we want it to be you. ``Elizabeth Dole, this nation needs you and our party needs you,'' state Sen. Betsy Cochrane told a crowd of about 1,000 people at Salisbury's historic railroad depot. ``America, North Carolina has a tough, right and Southern leader for America.''

Elizabeth Dole didn't marry her way into power like Hillary. She earned it. And unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Dole isn't on a power trip. She understands how to be powerful and yet remain human, warm and sincere. And unlike Bill Clinton, the current principle occupant of the Oval Office, she understands the importance of integrity, morality, and accountability in government. Hmmm... just the kind of person we need to be President of the United States, which any excellent vice-presidential candidate needs to be.

The Salisbury Post On Line has two dozen articles about the Draft Favorite Daughter Dole effort.

What Dole, who's really far to liberal for most conservatives tastes, needs to do is take advantage of this. She should run... as a Democrat.

Elizabeth Dole, the first woman to be taken seriously as a candidate for her party's Presidential nomination, dropped out of the race on Wednesday, saying she could not raise enough cash to compete with the fortune raised by one Republican rival and inherited by another.

Following the blueprint of her husband and fellow presidential hopeful, Bob Dole, the one-time president of the American Red Cross had a very lucrative career in which her appearances earned her at least $1.6 million since the beginning of last year, usually at $40,000 per event.

Her respectable rank among the Republican candidates was not based upon the issue of women’s rights, but upon issues of appeal to men and women voters. It was, therefore, a particularly meaningful campaign, the significance of which was indicated by the crowds of supporters who gathered to listen attentively to her appeals for support.

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