Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.”  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.

Mrs. Dole's Words

Duke University Commencement

Remarks by Elizabeth Dole Duke University Commencement May 14, 2000
Note: An audio script of selected quotes is available at

mic Toastmasters Names Top Five Speakers Of 1997

30-Dec-1997 05:23 AM                 

This year's five outstanding speakers are:

Commerce and Industry: Jim McCann, Government: Margaret Thatcher, Educational or Social: Elizabeth Dole, Mass Media or Arts: Laura Schlessinger, Ph.D., Inspirational or Motivational: Zig Ziglar.  "Making someone laugh is the most effective tool to get a listener to empathize, relate and understand..."..." -- McCann

FINAL [text as prepared] Elizabeth Dole Board of Governors Hall  January 4, 1999

And, with hard work and fresh thinking, we rescued our services to the Armed Forces, using the latest technology to find more efficient ways to deliver them and saving millions of dollars in the process. For the first time in our history, we rechartered all our chapters based on the highest standards and we employed new technology to update and consolidate our financial management. We have never been in better financial health than we are now, with 1998 being the best year ever. GOODBYE TO THE RED CROSS - Read the whole text.

Excerpts From Elizabeth's Speech



CHARLOTTE, N.C., January 13, 1998 -- As a longtime public  servant, a Cabinet officer in two administrations and head of the American Red Cross, Elizabeth Dole has observed many changes in America. On the positive side, there are now many more opportunities for women and minorities. But at the same time, she  feels there has been a deterioration of values and believes strongly in the need for more "individual and national character”.

Voice of Agriculture Convention ‘98

Elizabeth Dole receives a warm welcome from Farm Bureau members during the general session of the American Farm Bureau Federation convention Tuesday.

Transcript from appearance at The Kennedy School of
 Government - Harvard University June 3, 199

"It is little wonder that the public has lost faith in government. As Joe so often reminds us. And in it's leaders. Elizabeth Hanford Dole has refused to be labeled. She fits no niche and continues to defy convention. At a time when it's become politically correct to poke fun at those who work for government, to demean the work that they do, Mrs. Dole remains unabashed and an eloquent promoter of the concept of government service and of the contributions that public servants can make." Sheila Burke

Elizabeth Dole To Address Atlas Van Lines' 32nd Annual Forum On Moving


Named by the Gallup Pole as one of the world's top ten most admired women, Elizabeth Dole is recognized for her intelligence, integrity, and ability to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. Among a long list of distinctive honors, she was inducted into the Safety and Health Hall of Fame International for her numerous accomplishments regarding transportation, workplace, and blood safety issues.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Chicago, IL, founded in 1961, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of health care information and management systems. HIMSS represents over 10,000 individual leaders in four professional areas: Clinical Systems,  Information Systems Management Engineering,  Telecommunications  

 An America We Can Be.  Elizabeth Dole, Red Cross head and former US Secretary of Labor, will address nearly  20,000 leaders in the health care information and  management systems industry as she asks them to be part of ``An America We Can Be,'' February 26 at 9 a.m. EDT.  The largest health care information systems and technology conference in the country, this 5-day event features 157 educational sessions designed to increase the effectiveness of health care professionals through the innovative use of technology.

Erskine College

Then came success—followed closely by discouragement. “Around mid-October Mrs. Dole's scheduler called my dormitory room to let me know that Mrs. Dole wished to speak at Erskine,” Mitchell said. “This was very exciting. The only problem was that she only had time available on Saturday of commencement weekend, and Erskine's commencement has traditionally been held on a Sunday. I was sure that the whole business was dead in the water.”

Keynote Speaker at the year´s LPL conference.

Mrs. Dole was sworn in by President Bush as this nation's 20th Secretary of Labor. As Secretary she helped shatter the "glass ceiling" for America's working women and minorities, increased safety and health in the workplace, upgraded the skills of the American work force and improved relations between labor and management.

Measuring Up: Restoring the Greatness of American Schools, Melrose, MA (Melrose High School)
22 September 1999

Our children will learn again when we resolve to put kids and parents first, and the system, second. Most important, the minds of our children will soar when freedom and accountability guide our decisions, and results rather than process become the coin of the realm in American education.

Elizabeth Dole to Speak at Smith College Commencement

Commencement speakers are selected by the graduating class. Nominations are solicited in the fall of the class's junior year, and students subsequently rank-order their preferences from a slate of top candidates. Smith College is consistently ranked among the nation's foremost liberal arts colleges. Enrolling 2,800 students from every state and 60 other countries, Smith is the largest undergraduate women's college in the United States. Some 680 students will receive degrees at the 1998 commencement ceremonies.

"We can't go back to the age of innocence, but we can move forward to an age of discovery."

The former secretary of labor and transportation was in Sparks Saturday night to speak at the Western Industrial Nevada (WIN) and Economic Development Association of Western Nevada (EDAWN) lecture series dinner at John Ascuaga's Nugget.

Quote me on it.

My objective as Secretary of Labor is to look through the 'glass ceiling' to see who is on the other side, and to serve as a catalyst for change . .

Elizabeth Dole applauds tax cuts

Dole revealed to the crowd her recipe for a successful America. "It's like building a house," she said. "You need a strong Republican party." "It would please me if she was on the ticket," Simmerman said.

Distinguished Speaker Series Season Encores in November

Now it its second season, the Distinguished Speaker Series of Southern California continues a tradition of excellence by offering audiences the opportunity to meet and learn.

Resignation of Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole October 24, 1990

Let me say at the outset that I have an announcement to make. I will not take questions, but I will have this statement and then ask...



Published on 03/19/97 They sought tips from a former First Lady wannabe, one of the few American  presidents to lose a reelection bid and a man who walked away from one of the  best jobs in college football. Elizabeth Dole, George Bush and Lou Holtz...

NRB 98 Concludes with Elizabeth Dole

"The federal government has become too big, too bloated, too complex. People feel their opportunity to help has been squelched." Dole stated that the Founding Fathers knew that "true liberty means not to do what we like for our own pleasure or advancement, but to do what we ought.... They placed a greater value on liberty than security. They sacrificed all that they had so others might live free."

Insight Speakers

"It's not what the government can and can't do but what we should do for each other," Dole said. "You can make a difference. You can grab a shovel. And when you reach the age of my mother, 94 years young, you will be able to ask yourself: What did I stand for? Did I make a positive difference in the lives of others?"

University of Tennessee

The Daily Beacon

"Many college students believe large government means more money for them. However, small government will encourage business initiative, which will lead to all businesses taking an active role in education, so that they will have better educated employees, and in general, a better buying society," Scott added.

June 11, 1997  Community kicks off first annual Bridge to the Future Gala

At the community kickoff brunch May 28 for the Bridge to the Future Gala, Chancellor Vincent A. Fulginiti, MD, gave an update on the Fitzsimons move, spoke about the exciting prospects for the future of the CU-Health Sciences Center, and explained the purpose of the first Bridge to the Future Gala.  http://w1.uchsc.edu/chancllr/publications/bridge/061197/ br02.html Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross, will be the featured guest  at the gala.


Bradley, Dole call for mentors Summary: GREENSBORO -- With help from a pair of possible presidential candidates, Gov. Jim Hunt tried Wednesday to focus the state's attention on the benefits of providing mentors to at-risk children. More than   1,200 people - representing all 100 North Carolina counties - arrived for the first day of the Governor's Summit on America's Promise and Volunteerism, where speakers included former U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey and Red Cross President Elizabeth Dole. Source:  The News & Observer Raleigh, NC  Date: 19880122

 Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Elizabeth Dole offered this advice as part of an address yesterday to cancer survivors and researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Insight on the News Date: Dec 4 1995
Elizabeth Dole to address NPCA.

American Red Cross Pres. Elizabeth Dole will speak before the opening session of the National Paint and Coatings Assn.'s Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Meeting, Oct. 23-24 

Elizabeth Dole, From Harvard Law To Biker Babe

Mrs. Dole roared onto "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on the seat of a motorcycle - black helmet on her head and a black leather jacket on her back, bearing the logo "Bikers for Bob."

Career Management International

Career Management International® (CMI) will showcase its internationally acclaimed Kingdomality® exercise at this year's HR Southwest Human Resources Conference and Exposition which is expected to draw record numbers of human resource professionals from all over the southwest.

"The bond people share with pets is special and unique,"

"The bond people share with pets is special and unique," Mrs. Dole said. "Pet owners are deeply concerned when their pets' welfare is threatened. By ensuring the care and safety of animals in times of disaster, the veterinary associations help us ensure the mental and physical well-being of people," Mrs. Dole added.

Elizabeth Dole to visit Palmetto

SARASOTA -- Local church leaders announced Tuesday that Elizabeth Dole has agreed to come to Palmetto Feb. 26 to speak at a free event about her spiritual journey through life.

Live at Anaheim Crusades, Friday, July 5th

Mrs. Dole thanked Greg for inviting her tonight and said that many, including Billy Graham, are calling Greg Laurie the evangelist of the future....Mrs. Dole reminded the audience that there are those overseas who do not have the privilege of worshipping freely...

Mrs. Dole´s keen insights and personal appeal accompanied by her unique charisma are greatly received by all types of audiences throughout the world.

  The Miami Arena. -A great many words have been used to discuss Mrs. Dole's speech at The Republican Convention, in San Diego. Many people were surprised by the fact that she employed a style different from most other speakers at the convention. I had the privilege to see her last May (‘97) at The Miami Arena as the opening speaker for Peter Lowe's Success Seminars. She used the same style, walking all over the stage. Although the occasion was quite different for her, as well as, the audience, Mrs. Dole delivered a much livelier crowd than she received when she arrived 35 minutes earlier. She was amply the best speaker of the day. Had Mrs. Dole not been the opening speaker, one might have felt shortchanged (of part of the $75) that George Bush was detained in traffic and could not make the scheduled appearance.

    She woke us up with a riotous summary of her appearance on the Jay Leno Show. Just yesterday I was reading a web page by a person who spent all of the morning after the show, checking with friends to ascertain that he was not having hallucinations the night before, while watching the show. Mrs. Dole said she received many letters regarding her appearance, both negative and positive. One lady said something like " Well lady, I've been a biker for 10 years and I can't even think of doing some of the stunts you did there." Another woman said that she could not vote for Bob after seeing the show, and recommended that she keep a tape of the show handy to watch after he lost the election. I never expected side splitting remarks from Mrs. Dole so early in the morning.

     Before these funny anecdotes, she mentioned briefly that she had enjoyed campaigning because she remembered many inspirational moments and many demonstrations of positive public sentiment.

     Watching my four videotapes from last year's convention yesterday, while I recorded sound files, I could not help but think that even commentators who bestowed the most lavish praise, fell short of accurately describing Mrs. Dole's performance. Nothing marred Elizabeth's performance; not the malfunctioning mike; not the constraining podium; not inadequate reactions from the human props (no offense intended). Nothing precluded Mrs. Dole from delivering a highly polished speech which nevertheless allowed a very warm and caring personality to shine through. This was probably possible because she is perfectly at ease, being herself, unlike other public speaking personalities we see. I guess "To be is better than to seem."

     One of the most satisfactory files I recorded yesterday contains the cheering that ensued after Mrs. Dole concluded "her bid for Bob." Even as well behaved a crowd, as that in attendance there, (22% millionaires according to Democrat sources) was visibly moved.

     Her speech last May was very much of a political nature, rather than a business one. Although she touched on various related subjects, like women as workers and business owners, most of her words could be categorized as inspirational or political. She expressed her deeply religious convictions more than once, throughout the speech.

     Mrs. Dole spoke of her work as Secretary of Labor, and her efforts to foment a better labor force, which was to receive training that was tailored to the job market and employers' needs. But, mostly she emphasized the need for education that instills better values in our children. Mrs. Dole worried that we will pass an inferior world to the next generation, rather than at least one in the same condition in which we received it.

     A desperately needed dose of ?, I don't know what to call it. Well... I'll tell you what she said and you can verbalize it: She named, and spoke in detail of various signers of The Declaration of Independence, who did not gain the great wealth that many people today think they amassed. Signing the Declaration brought hard times upon them, but they believed that they were doing the right thing, so they signed.

    Whatever other benefits, Elizabeth Dole's presidency may bring, we know we'll at last listen to a "State of the Union Speech". After all, half the planet has paid gross fees to listen to her for years now.