Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.”  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.


Cast a vote for Dole Nov. 5 ... Elizabeth Dole - Mona  Askalani

"Well, Elizabeth, probably because you are one of the most qualified women in the political pool of estrogen-rich candidates. You have the experience, brains and chutzpah for the position. You're a pro at paving the path of new opportunities for women, and with your pioneer history to guide you as the first female president, you could lead the country with as much success as you do the American Red Cross.
This multidimensional woman balked at expectations to find a man and marry, and continually pushed aside the idea of starting a family for a career. From day one, she has never let her sex stop her from achieving what she wants. In a time when women were usually not allowed to speak in classes at Harvard Law School, she impressed skeptics with her intelligence and grace.

After earning a master's degree in education at Harvard, she set her sights on Harvard Law. Dole recalls that when she told her mother of her decision to go to law school, it literally caused her mother to be sick, throwing up in the bathroom. "Don't you want to be a wife, mother and hostess for your husband?"...

Class photo

At Harvard Law School - One of twenty-four women, in a class of 550. "During exams Elizabeth, like other students, studied for fifteen hours at a time. Somehow, she still managed to have time for friends, too. She was elected president of the international law club and secretary of her class."

"During those early months at the Labor Department, I put together a first-rate team of public, servants who would work with me. Once the appointments were made, I looked around the conference table where we met most mornings, and noted that nearly two thirds of my senior staff were women or minorities. I hadn't set out to send a message. I simply selected the best people for the jobs. But I was hoping that corporate America took note, as one of my objectives at  Labor was to serve as a catalyst for change in removing every last vestige of discrimination from the workplace, and ensuring that women and minorities had equal access to senior management employment opportunities.

...As Secretary, I initiated an examination of what has come to be known as the ‘glass ceiling,' the invisible but impenetrable barrier that seemed to prevent women and minorities from reaching the top levels of corporate America. ...Of the nearly 4,500 executive-level managerial positions in the nine corporations we reviewed, only 6.6 percent were held by women, and 2.6 percent of top managerial positions."  (Elizabeth Dole in Unlimited Partners)

Glass Ceiling Commission

The Glass Ceiling refers to invisible, artificial barriers that prevent qualified individuals from advancing within their organization and reaching full potential. The term originally described the point beyond which women managers and executives, particularly white women, were not promoted.

Starring in 100 Points of Light, are such luminaries as

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Calamity Jane, Elizabeth Dole and Indira Gandhi. Too frequently, women in our society are still judged by the size and shape of their surface anatomy, not by their character and accomplishments

Scandal awakens women's activism More deciding to run for office

Though distasteful and annoying, the Lewinsky matter has had a positive byproduct. It has created a diverse political culture for women, inspiring many to trade passivity for activism. The White House scandal has become a catalyst, clarifying several issues among old-guard women's groups and their upstart sisters. Though much hinges upon  President Clinton's impeachment or resignation, the importance of women in office and the female vote has also surfaced.

Haunted by Mean Spirits and Small Minds

The standard of excellence our white male leaders have set hardly warrants giving them exclusive rights to their positions. In fact, in a country where 52 percent of the population is female, male leaders represent the minority.

Women's Economics Club

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Site for information on The Glass Ceiling Commission

The more information available to women about this ongoing discrimination the better. Gird ourselves for battle - stride into the 21st century knowing that we are in the right. We deserve acknowledgment in the workplace and it's not going to be given freely!

The National Women's Hall of Fame


Distinguished Women of the Past and Present

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Women's Wire


Elizabeth Dole: Smashing the Glass Ceiling  08-17-1993

The Christian Science Monitor

"I'm proactive," she said in a recent Monitor interview. "I'm not the kind of person who's there to be a seat warmer. I like to find the challenging issues where you can really make a positive difference."
Focusing on her favorite causes (safety, diversity, and at-risk youths), Dole has begun to shake out the carpets in an organization that has not seen major reform in  half a century. Borrowing from similar initiatives she pioneered as secretary of transportation and secretary of labor, Dole has launched an effort at the Red Cross to pull more women and minorities into top managerial positions.