Is this the concensus of the Republican Party? "Speaking as a Republican, I want my party to let more people in," said the former U.S. senator and presidential candidate. "We don't have to agree with everybody. We ought to have diversity, not conformity. That's what America is all about.”  Sen. Bob Dole

Photos of the Bank of America (41st tallest building in the world, and Blumenthal Theatre.


In this area I'll be discussing Elizabeth's most charming, personality. In my search for other links, I managed to "amass" three or four. I hope to capture some of Elizabeth's charm by discussing Washington, working couples, apartment dwellers, society events, and whatever else turns up. Of course, they'll be awards, also. It occurs to me that the South would be a good starting point... However I found a recent article about the Dole's residence, The Watergate. Have you been to The Watergate? I have. I went about eight years ago, I had breakfasts in an outdoor cafe, at The Watergate. The break-in unit was marked by an American flag... Here are excerpts from the article:

"But often these days, the eye of the storm seems to be back at the Watergate. He is thinking of expanding his own apartment by buying the apartment that Ms. Lewinsky and her mother are renting. ''Haven't heard from my real estate guy,'' he said.
(For the record, Yah Lin Trie, Mr. Clinton's friend who is a central figure in the fund-raising scandal, is down the hall from the Doles, as is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg of the Supreme Court.)
‘I feel a bit sorry for her, trapped in that apartment,' Mr. Dole said of Ms. Lewinsky. He said her lawyer, William H. Ginsburg, 'had a TV addiction that didn't seem to be in her interest,' unless ''he has some strategy that normal lawyers hadn't thought of.
For all his interest, Mr. Dole said he did not linger every time he saw his famous neighbor. ''I walk by fast,'' he said. ''I don't want to be subpoenaed!''

This same article talks about the Doles' Schnauzer,  Leader. Here's an old campaign pic of the pooch. I'm sure you recall seeing his likeness in Unlimited Partners, caught in the act of taking a walk with her in wintertime. In case you surf the net and happen to find this page... Here's a link, just for you. Schnauzer World.

Dole Crys Over Tornado-Ravaged Ala Monday, April 27, 1998; 2:40 a.m. EDT      BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- A visit to tornado-ravaged Alabama communities left American Red Cross director Elizabeth Dole in tears.
``I can hardly talk about it,'' Mrs. Dole said shortly after touring the              McDonald Chapel and Edgewater communities in Jefferson County. ``It's been one of the most emotional experiences that I've ever had.''
Mrs. Dole was accompanied on Saturday's tour by Natalie Williams, who            lost five family members in the April 8 tornado that killed 34 people.
Mrs. Dole visited a Red Cross disaster relief center at McDonald Chapel's Calvary Independent Baptist Church. Still teary-eyed from the tour, she thanked volunteers for their efforts to help rebuild the shattered communities.

``We are confident this is consistent with antitrust laws, she said in an Interview at her Red Cross office.

Mrs. Dole made the remarks on a day the Red Cross celebrated the 50th anniversary of its blood services and an almost completed $287 million reorganization effort. She said the transformation, to be completed at year's end, will bring the Red Cross in compliance with a 1993 Justice Department consent decree.

With improvements made since 1993, Mrs. Dole said she hopes the Food and Drug Administration will allow the decree to be lifted. The consent decree obligated the Red Cross to improve its blood banks' procedures for handling of blood.

Letter from Elizabeth

The awards were bestowed Monday night in a ceremony at the Crabtree Marriott hotel. Created in 1961 by the General Assembly, the annual award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in science, literature, the fine arts and public service. Past recipients include former U.S. Sen. Terry Sanford,  John Hope Franklin, the Rev. Billy Graham, Doc Watson, Andy Griffith and Elizabeth Dole.

Elizabeth Dole's ancestor  was the first bishop named by John Wesley to head the Methodist Church in America. Francis Asbury (1745-1816), who arrived in Philadelphia in 1771, was the only Methodist missionary to remain in the colonies throughout the American Revolution.


July 29, Elizabeth Dole’s Birthday

Women share with men the need for personal success, even the taste of power, and no longer are we willing to satisfy those needs through the achievements of surrogates -- whether husbands, children or merely role models.

    -- Elizabeth Dole

    Other famous people born on July 29th :

    Marilyn Quayle
    Peter Jennings
    Benito Mussolini
    Grigori Rasputin

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